Yeah, sleeping with daughter’s boyfriend’s became Edith’s new sport..

Marion was a funny and handsome. Mother-Edith was jealous on her. So, in her own menopause complex Edith seduced her boyfriend and sexes him, a long time before Marion met my neighbour Josh. 

Marion knows but didn’t say her father. In one moment when father was taking Marion about ” morality ” because she was late from disco bar, it was a trigger, she sad!!

She was 16-year old, she sad how her mother has a lower, her boyfriend.

Competition with a handsome daughter..

Edith called emergence hospital and put her in a mentally institution.

Her mother, Edith is a witch. Pure evil. 

She lied that her daughter “has hallucinations” and talked that her grandmother has schizophrenia (but father’s mother was it BUT it is mental problem OVER mother side).

No, Edith sad “grandmother” and doctors concluded that it is a grandmother over “mother side”.

They gave her a pure Lithium and broke her completely.

Edith became her regularly guardian and monthly she get a money for that..

(It will be continued..)


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