Oversized, Oldness, Illness

Freaky, isn’t it?

We are fatter whatever we eat or how kilometers we walk every day.

Woman mostly, because if high estrogen and progesterone.

Woman with high level of testosterone (men’s hormone) can eat everything in high measures.. But they have other problems (aggressive, a lot of body hair- need a depilation every day..and other problems)

Feminine us not a bad thing.

Only we must be a fit.

I was in a clothes shop Amadeus’s and sale’s sad for skirt “it us universal size”.



I looked at eyes of some woman behind me, and saw a Beauty Queen. 1,80 cm high, African lady, good body, beautiful face, a good style.

She smiled at me because she meaning the same ” universal size for which woman’s? ” 🙂

Self confident is sexy on woman 🙂

A good and healthy character and brain is a pure gold 🙂 on both sexes.

🙂 🙂

I also hate those words ” fat, old, sick”. I am afraid of it 🙂

But is it our reality on Earth?!

Mostly yes in a big cities.

Franc and Italian woman are better in a food culture, true 🙂

Also Asia and part of Afrika has those genetic and domestic food.

In a Zagreb, woman rare like to walk.

Only over weekend they go to gym or bike or walk.

Cars or trams are their choices.

Restorans and junk food for both sexes are something usual.

Older people are thinner and of course- narcomans are thin.

Of course GMO food is most part of our food.

It is like a balloon inside us.

Growth as a separate part of skiing on us, like as parasite.

But we must recognized a food that slowing us, or poisoning us.

Be health no meter which size we are!!


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