Terrible loneliness 

Of course, U know the feeling. If U are a good person it will change you, U will try to create something good from yourself. 

A lot of them thinks they are in some shop name Earth and try to asking everything from others,  in time when is convenient for them. Our feelings are not important. They are selfish in their loneliness. Our loneliness? No Oooo, we are not lonely they said-because they do not care, haven’t a empathy for us. 
Mostly those one solving loneliness with a Sex afera. One after one, but usually are short aferas, because everyone is boring to them in those moment when partner show that he/she has a different version of life. 

They are actors in their own tragedy. 

Better is strangling alone, in every situation. 

Paintful at a some moments, days,but we are strong people. 

More painful is when you trust, expecting and zero!!!

Cold hands, cold heart and COLD RESULT OF LIFE WHICH WE SPENT ON THEM! 


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